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Ally Bank CD Rates

May 14th, 2010

Ally Bank, one of the hottest new banks around (formerly called GMAC Bank) has some competitive rates for certificate of deposits (CD Accounts).

Ally Bank is currently offering three different certificate of deposit (CD) accounts.

Ally Bank’s 6 month CD rate is currently 1.19 percent which is much higher than the average rate for a 6 month CD.

Their 1 Year CD rate is currently 1.49% APY.

Ally Bank’s longer term CD rates are some of the best CD rates available today. 5-year CD rates are currently 2.99% APY.

You can always find the latest Ally Bank CD Rates here: Ally Bank CD Rates

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The CD rates and CD yields that Allybank is offering are certainly not the best CD rates around but they are higher than most of the CD Rates you will find out there and on RateBrain.